Anaham (Rock Band); Angel and Owen Pearson; Anthony Warfield; Blue Bicycle Flicks (Video and television Post Production); Bourbon Street Beat; Brian Ringrose; Marilyn Connolly (Bodybuilding);  Clara van Wel; Clemenger BBDO; Cognita International Limited; Jaki van Dijk; Jessie Leov; Craig Evans; Dave Riddell (Motivational Christian Speaker/Teacher); Digital Media Communications; Francine Dick (Equestrian); Georgia Nott; Gordon Tan; Harmony Aquarian; Hinewehi Mohi; Holistic Health; The Immigrants; Jane Winter; John Crick; John Grenell; Kane Hogan; Keith Hawke Films; Lee Fern; Lewis’s Home Furnishings (Radio and Television Commercials); Lindsay Yeo;  Mantaray Trio; Mark Anderson (Bodybuilding); Mark Steyn; Mathew Brown; Mike Chunn; Mike Williams (Voiceover); Emma Malcolm (Dressage); Ming; Minuit (minwee)Mother GuruNakedEye DV; Neeltje; Nelson Arts Marketing; Neville Claughton; Nelson Male Voice Choir; New Zealand Advertising Awards; The Roseneath Centennial Ragtime Band; Norm Sherwood (Jazz Guitarist); Padded Sell; Pears, Petch and Smith; Phil Madsen; John Phillips; Play it Strange; Polyhymnos; ProMotion Media; Ruby Page; Ira Saigonova; Sector 14; Steve Fleming; Sue Thorby; The Madsen Brothers; Tui Video Productions; Wakatu Dance Theatre; Wallace Gollan; The Wedding Whisperer; Zebra 3; Zac Columbus