soundpit studio facilities
The heart of our control room is a 48 channel Soundcraft analogue console providing more than enough sub-groups, auxiliary feeds and pre-amps to outboard digital and analogue recorders as well as effects and processors.
For most projects we use the outboard recorders, but do record direct to computer for some clients, specifically when real-time plug-in processes are required during tracking. Computers are also used for mastering and more complex mixdown projects, with in excess of 200 DirectX, DSP and VST plug-ins on call as well as routing to the outboard effects and processors.

A range of condenser and dynamic mics are available, mainly Rode, A.K.G., Shure, Neumann, Audio Technica, Avantone, Sennheiser, but includes an assortment of “oddball” microphones which all have distinctive qualities for that “particular” sound.

MIDI and sample requirements are catered for with external sound modules and sound generators (Yamaha, Korg, E-Mu, Roland, etc.) as well as over 500 gigabytes (and counting) of “lossless” loops and samples accessible via Gigastudio, Sonar, Cubase, BFD2 and Acid. Or bring in your own material or modules and we will happily work with those.

Hard disc based loops are transferred to the mix with optical, digital cables, maintaining the quality and bit depth of the original sample. These transfers can utilise “word clock” ensuring frame accurate synchronisation with associated audio tracks.

soundpit mobile recording
For “outside the studio” events or for recordings that require a larger venue, we have a live rig equipped with enough discreet pre-amps and line inputs for up to 48 tracks of uncompressed, digital recording, up to 96kHz, 24 bit quality.

For a live gig we can patch into your audio console without affecting Mobile Rack 01 600dpithe precious gain structure of your Engineer’s mix, can supplement your live setup with gear from the studio or can organise a completely independent system just for the recording.

For conferences, seminars and annual general meetings where recording the event is crucial, the mobile rig allows for 24 tracks of recording, with a duplicate of those 24 tracks being recorded onto independent outboard equipment. As well as this added safeguard preventing a recording failure through power loss, media or equipment failure, where the recording is ultra-critical we can also record simultaneously to analogue or digital stereo recorders.

Furthermore, if your event is being recorded to video, our equipment can slave to the video cameras or can distribute linear time code so that video and audio can be synchronised during editing in post production. We are also experienced in distributing timecode with our own, developed system (see our “Timecode” showreel) which can provide a balanced, isolated timecode reticulation, purportedly for distances of up to one kilometre or more without signal loss… although we have never needed this length of cable!

Not sure what all this means??? Contact us and one of us will be happy to discuss your requirements without swamping you with “audiobabble” jargon!

soundpit live sound
Our experience with multi-media eve2006-09-30 wOw - MM8N0123nts and in particular the World of WearableArt has given us the ability to think outside the square, in and out of the studio.

From the development of a simple soundscape for live theatre, through to major public events, we have the expertise and contacts to advise you of the best way of integrating the sound with video, slideshows, lighting, pyrotechnics, robotics and a myriad of other possibilities that can be synchronised with our sample accurate time code system.

We may not be the cheapest when it comes to sound operation, but we are obsessive in allowing for equipment redundancy that prevents breaks and “dead air” in your performance or presentation.

soundpit services/activities

  • Multitrack recording for CD albums/downloadable albums;
  • Commissioned soundtracks for video, television, theatre, movies;
  • Dressage – tempo related editing for national and international tests;
  • Bodybuilding – high impact competition music;
  • Re-mixing from Client supplied stems;
  • Demo recordings;
  • Backing music, jingles, stings;
  • Audio analysis – tuning sound systems, measuring sound transmission, acoustics and levels;
  • Mastering – digital, analogue or a combination;
  • Voiceovers for video, internet, radio and television commercials;
  • Sound/Soundscape design for theatre and live shows/exhibitions/product launches;
  • Location recording;
  •  As well as multitrack recordings for albums and soundtracks, we excel in sound editing and preparation of soundscapes. Our Clients are musicians, vocalists, actors, other recording and post production studios, radio stations, television broadcasters and advertising companies.
  •  We can digitally record a demo or full album project in the studio or on location and are happy to edit or compose music for bodybuilding and aerobic competitions, dance shows, exams and auditions, theatre and dressage test.
  •  With our broadcast quality digital hybrid and our video link we have recorded voiceovers in the studio while connected to Directors and Producers in Wellington, Sydney, Los Angeles.