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soundpit recording studio – “specialists in audio actualisation”

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As well as multitrack recordings for albums & soundtracks, we have significant skills with sound editing and preparation of soundscapes & voiceovers. We can digitally record a demo or full album project in the studio or on location and are happy to edit or compose music for bodybuilding & aerobic competitions, dance shows, examinations & auditions, theatre & dressage tests.

Outside the studio we work with Musicians, Entertainers & Performers to record the audio from any live event, at a better quality than “off the sound desk” and more cost effective than an equivalent studio recording – even if the live sound on the night was “disappointing”.

With our broadcast quality digital hybrid and our video link we record voiceovers in the studio while connected to Directors & Producers in Wellington, Sydney, Singapore, Los Angeles… and more…


Established in 1995 when we were restricted to a mere 8 analogue tracks, Soundpit can now record, outboard up to 48 tracks simultaneously from our studio in Wakefield, Nelson, or on location. Reputable sound engineering and lateral thinking have given us a loyal customer base and out of town visitors can take full advantage of the outdoor pursuits, wine trails and National Parks of our region.

From demos, composition, tracking and voiceovers through to final mastering, our comfortable and well equipped control room, studio and capable staff provide a full range of audio services.